Welcome to Buxton!

By: Olivia Montelione


Hi there! My name is Elijah and I live in the town of Buxton. I am eleven years old. I have two very kind and humorous parents, Ma and Pa. I can't forget about my best friend Cooter! I am here to give you a little guide about my town, Buxton.

Avoid talking to the preacher by:

-Don't keep eye contact

-Ignore him if you hear your name

-Pretend you are getting called in for dinner or lunch

-Pretend you can't hear him if he calls your name!

Here are some nice people to start a conversation with:

  • Mr. Leroy
  • Ma
  • Mrs. Brown

Great Places To Go For Fun!

  • Buxton Opera House
  • Go Ape Buxton (Zip lining and aerial adventure)
  • St. Ann's Well
  • Buxton Raceway

Schools for different ages:

  • Buxton Center Elementary School
  • Bonny Eagle Middle School
  • Bonny Eagle High School
  • Bonny Eagle Adult Education

Ways to avoid a conversation with the preacher:

-Pretend you can't hear him if he calls your name

-Avoid eye contact

-Pretend you are being called in the house for dinner or lunch

-Ignore him if he tries to talk to you!

Click down here to see some songs popular in the 1860's (when Elijah takes place)

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