Remember everything

eat blueberry scones

I know I've met that guy before. But I can't remember his name.

It's a common problem. You recognize someone across a room. As you stride confidently over to say hello, it occurs to you that you cannot remember the man's name. Is it Joe? Frank? A lot of people are named Jeff, but this guy doesn't look like a Jeff. And how do you know him? Did you used to work together? Did you "date" him in college? Are you married to him? The knowledge is in your head. You just can't grab ahold of it.

Listen. It happens to the best of us. The truth is, according to the internet, as we age, it's harder to remember stuff. We can't recognize people. We lose our glasses. We can't remember where we parked the car. Our brain lose "cells in areas that produce important neurotransmitters". What are neurotransmitters? Look, it's complicated and probably you'll forget by the time I finish the explanation so let's just say they are important.

There are times this can work to your advantage. "I forgot to buy wrapping paper for your kid's fundraiser even though you reminded me 47 times!" you exclaim to your co-worker, throwing up your hands. But some things you want to remember. Which of your children gave you a decent Christmas present? Where did you bury that hidden treasure? Which restaurants other than Applebees offer a senior discount?

At these moments, blueberry scones can help.

According to the internet, blueberries can help you remember things. In a study involving older adults, for example, twelve weeks of daily blueberry consumption was enough to improve scores on two different tests of cognitive function including memory. That's something! And while, sure, participants in this study consumed blueberry juice, not scones, blueberries are blueberries. Right? Thus, blueberry scones can help your memory. We think you should eat them all the time.

Our blueberry scones come to you frozen and unbaked, ready to pop in the oven when you are ready. They come in regular, mini and petite sizes, with walnuts and without.

Order before you forget.