The Great Steak

Abbykate Snodgrass

Last summer my grandparents moved into their new house.My grandparents wanted to have a cookout because they had a really big backyard.When I heard they wanted to have a cookout I asked if I could cook,she said as long as you can cook a good steak.My grandmas closest friend was coming in from Tennessee so my grandma wanted good food.She told me that she was going to come to my house the next day and I would cook her a steak.

I ran back to my house to tell my mom the news but the problem was she did not know how to cook on the grill.I rode my bike to the store to buy a steak.(those things are expensive!)My grandma said she wanted the steaks medium rare you usually cook those for 6 minutes each side.The next day my grandma came over and I treated her like a customer at a restaurant.She said my steak was,¨cool beans¨ and I was really excited.So later me and my grandma went to the store to get more steaks.

The next day I went over