Bulk faxing

BULK FAXING–The Powerful Revolution in Marketing Domain

Today’s business environment is very dynamic. Any idea that can revolutionise the way thought and action processes spreads like wild fire. And everyone in the fray wants to pip each other to the position of number one. And for that the big business houses would go to any extent in terms of expenditure on marketing, especially advertisements and grabbing the lion’s share in the market. But in this run, the start-ups may get pushed behind for the lack of funds for the marketing. A tool for marketing, which has remained hitherto the most underrated one, is the Fax Broadcasting.

Fax Broadcast is the method of sending messages via facsimile to a larger target audience. And generally it does not take more than a few button presses to be done. Fax or facsimile involves sending the document over telephone lines, where the receiver can get the document printed out. The method is cheaper than even sending bulk SMSs. And the faxes can easily reach the target audience safely, securely and seldom fail. This is a sure-shot method of aiding promotions for the products and business plans.

Small business houses, start-ups, entrepreneurs and even big business conglomerates want to reach their potential customers in a short span of time as the time is very important when it comes to gaining attention and creating impressions. This helps in expanding the business. And nothing works better than a printed material which can easily be put into the hands of the people for them to read and can be used for their future reference. Every business depends upon promotions and advertisements for their growth. But with the idea of advertisements, comes the inescapable part, i.e., spending more on promotions. But if you can use the services of mass faxing technology, the ideas can be disseminated with more ease, less cost and within a very short notice. Any business idea or change in business plan or product can be sent to the target audience as soon as it leaves the board room.

Applications of fax broadcasting is not only limited to advertisements and promotions of ideas and products but also to areas which had pre-dominance of emails, SMSs, messages till date. The business houses can send the notices, circulars, memos, and bills etc. to the departments or offices which are situated overseas in a jiffy. And this can be done by a single person also, from the comforts of the office. With increased incidences of various security agencies eavesdropping on emails that are sent or received, fax broadcasting can provide a relatively more secure means of sending the documents to many people at once. If the services of a third party are used, then there is a plethora of add-on services which can be availed to give the business an edge above the rest.

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