Nuclear Energy is a good thing!

Nuclear Energy is creating hundreds of high paying jobs

Why should i like nuclear power?

If you want to have power but save the economy, then you should like nuclear energy. Its the most eco-efficient source of energy out of all energy sources because it produces the most electricity relative to its environmental impact.

Nuclear energy is an emission-free energy source because it does not burn anything to produce electricity. Power plants produce no gases such as nitrogen oxide or sulfur dioxide that could threaten ou atmosphere by causing ground level ozone formation,smog,&acid rain.


-nuclear energy also provides water quality & aquatic life conservation.

-produces 20% of americas power

-comes from uranium, a nonrenewable resource that must be mined

-there are over 400 nuclear power plants worldwide

-almost 3 million americans live within 10 miles of a nuclear power plant

-According to the majority of americans 57% say they favor nuclear energy as the way to provide electricity

Frequently asked questions

Is nuclear power clean? Is nuclear power in the United States safe? How is used nuclear fuel or “waste” stored? Nuclear energy is clean,safe, and nuclear fuel is stored in the nations power plants in steel lined, concrete pools or basins filled with water.