Celebrating the Birth of Baby Reo

With the whole Reoviridae Virus Family

Come for free food and drink, and a special opportunity to reproduce!

Reoviridae Party

Friday, Dec. 11th, 8am

Suzie's Enterocytes

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Those guests who are arriving via midge should follow the arthropod transmission process in which they are ejected from their vehicle into their animal host. Those guests who are arriving in food or feces should follow the oral transmission process by which they are ingesting by their human infant host.

Once welcomed inside by our gracious hosts, all guests should find a suitable room and attach themselves to the greeters standing at the doorways, allowing themselves to enter via endocytosis. Everyone should keep strictly to the buddy system and keep a friend on hand until entering the room. Once inside, they should separate from their buddy and use their own accessory polymerase to create a complementary copy of themselves that will serve as a template for viral protein production. Once this job is compete, they may reconnect with their complementary partner, call into action their body guards (supporting capsid proteins), assemble themselves into their characteristic icosahedral double capsid formation. The guests should not accept the offer of a complementary envelope, as this will make them more vulnerable for destruction by the greeter's displeased friend. Once properly assembled, the guests should exit the room and travel to another in order to experience what each has to offer. All the guests should be rowdy enough that the room that they had occupied explodes upon their exit.


Consequences of reoviridae takeover include diarrhea and vomiting due to the killing enterocytes (cells of the intestinal lining) that can cause lethal dehydration.