online casino comparison

Why are so many online casinos with a bonus?

Online gambling market is highly competitive. Anyone interested in online casinos, would likely choose the highest casino bonus offer. Online casino bonus can therefore be viewed as a strategy to promote a reliable customer. Newcomers should, however, not too many promising high casino bonuses.

While it is entirely possible to withdraw the bonus, but this requires a bit of luck and skill and is not obvious. If each new customer to withdraw the bonus, which would be the online casinos quickly break down and disappear from the market. To get around this, the bonus wager requirements are combined, making it necessary to start paying and rewarding investment several times, before the amount can be paid. The house edge is then guaranteed that dramatically reduces the number of bonuses in the rules. This approach also prevents new clients can simply transfer bonuses without playing at all online casinos.

An casino finder bonus, so one way to casinos to attract new players. For the players it is the initial capital for the game greatly enhanced and prolonged. To be able to actually pay the bonus, however, is not evident. Consequently, payments in the online casino bonus comparisons not only on how high the bonus, but can also view the conditions suitable for you.