Journey to the Unknown Land

Miranda Versaw

Sir Francis Drake

English captain of the voyage to the Southern tip of the Americas, Sir Francis Drake is looking for recruitments for his journey. Sailer sent by the Queen of England. Join the journey with Sir Francis Drake do fulfill the Queens wishes.

The Journey

From the orders of the Queen of England, we are too set out by ship, to the unknown lands to explore the coasts. Ships will leave England mid Spring, and will return in about two years to the same port. We will head to the Southern tip of the new land. Once we are set to leave from there, will will find a route around the Northern tip of the new lands to sail back to England. While on our journey we will see the looks of the new lands, and any people who might be there. It is unknown what all we will see, but we will be the first to sail where we will. Volunteers will be paid a small amount.
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