Ender's Game

Orson Scott Card


Ender's Game is taken place in space. When Aliens called Formics attack Earth a Mazer named Ben Kingsley held them back and fought them off. To defend from the next attack the military made a program to find and train the next Mazer. Ender was picked and has to train with Ben Kingsley for the next war. Ender will have to battle the Aliens with everything he's got.
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Ender's Game takes place in space and Earth. It first starts out on Earth where Ender is in a military program to become the next Mazer. After that the setting of the story mostly revolves around space.

Ender Wiggin

The main protagonist of this novel is named Ender Wiggin. Ender is a genius and was the youngest out of three. Due to the governments strict two children only policy, Ender was forced to go in to a military program that was trying to find the next Mazer to save the world. Ender got picked because he had a unique skill. From there on he has to train to become the next Mazer to save Earth.
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In the clip above that's how they got into space.

About the Author

Orson Scott Card was born on August 24. 1951. He was an American novelist, Critic, and a public speaker. He is best known for scientific fiction t and his best selling book Ender's Game. Card was a English professor at Southern Virginia University. In his early life Card was the third of six children. He served as a missionary for a church.
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Book reviews

  1. Overall, I would recommend this book to readers because of its excitement, meaning and unpredictability.
  2. The beginning instantly grips you, as the reader is thrust into a new and unknown situation. So much is unknown in the book; slowly everything is explained, as you constantly gather more information about the situation. If you were to start reading from the end (I actually tried it) you would have no idea of what was happening to whom.
  3. All the boys (and girls) at Battle School behave differently. Some are friendly, some are unfriendly. Together, they create interesting relationships concerning Ender.