By: Lindsey Boerger


Currency- Euro

Major Religion- 85% of French People are Roman Catholics

Two historic facts- France has been settled continuously since the Paleolithic times.

The Gauls came to France in 600 B.C.

Type of Government- Republic

Famous Actress- Emma Watson is one of the more better known actresses from France. People may remember her from one of her most famous movies Harry Potter.

Famous Singer- Phil Barney is a famous singer from France. His number 1 hit is called Voleurs De Reves.

Famous Athlete- Tony Parker is a famous athlete from France that plays for the spurs in America.

Country's President/Leader- Francois Hallande is the president of France. Hallande was elected president on May 15, 2012

History of Flag- It is known to English Speakers as French Tricoulor. The flag is red, white, and blue.The reason the flag is blue and red is because blue and red are the traditional colors of France.

Famous Artist- Natalie d'Arbeloff

Some major cities in France- Montpellier, Cannes, and Lyon

Tourist Attractions in the cities above- In Montpellier there is Musee Fabre, Antigone District, Lez, and Agropolis. In Cannes there is French Riviera, Brague, Cannes Film Festival, Valmasque, and Lerins Island. Finally in Lyon there is La Croix Rousse, Vieux Lyon, Les Subsistences, Odeon of Lyon, and Sanctuary of the three gulls.

This is a painting by Natalie d'Arbeloff

Country Info

The name of the national anthem for France is called La Marseillaise. France is located in the western part of Europe and owns some territory in South America. France is roughly 260, 558 square miles. The population in France is around 65.44 million people. About 2.234 people live in the capital Paris alone. In Paris and other big cities the terrain is mainly flat land with some rolling hills. In other places there is rolling hills and small mountains. There is three types of climate found in France. The three types are oceanic, continental, and mediterranean. There is many types of ethnic groups that live there. Anyone from African Americans to Vietnamese people. French is the official language spoken in France. Some of the main industries in France are making and selling perfume, automobiles, and machinery.
France's National Anthem
French Person in Nartopa (Hazro), speaking French