Catching Up!

September 30

Before we kick off the first day of October tomorrow, I want to update you on all that we have going on!


Our class was given iPads earlier this month for the use of MAP testing. As soon as our last MAP test was given, we returned the iPads and they were then issued to the students.

Each student personalized their "lock screen" on the iPad with their first and last name, my name, and 3 (3rd grade). They included a photo of themselves for easy identification as well. We have been using the iPads all week and have really enjoyed them. There are educational apps downloaded for each student.

The other 3rd grade classes are being issued their iPads this week. As soon as all 3rd graders have an iPad, we will allow them to come home. Please make sure the Technology Protection form has been filled out and turned in. My estimated date for the iPads to go home is Monday, October 5th.

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Math-Place Value

We are working on place value and understanding numbers. This week, we are focused on comparing numbers (<, >, =) through 999,999. The students are also required to know how to order numbers (greatest to least, least to greatest) through 999,999. Please use any opportunity to give your 3rd grader practice.

We have played several games that involve dice and playing cards (remove face cards and 10s). Let them show you and you can even participate!

Reading-Character Traits

While reading with your 3rd grader, ask them about the characters in a book they are reading. Have them tell you about their character traits. They need to also support those traits with evidence from the book they are reading. We have been focusing on this and practicing a lot.

We are reading a book called, The Native. Ask your 3rd grader to tell you about the story and about the type of character Mico is. We have really learned a lot about Mico and the Native American tribe he belongs to. This book is set in 1576 in Santa Eleana located in the coastal zone of South Carolina. Mico is a 9 year old boy who has never met anyone outside of his Native American clan. Have your 3rd grader tell you a summary of the events that have taken place so far.


In writing we are working on personal narratives. That is a story from your life that has a beginning, middle, and end. Narratives zoom in on a small moment. Having your 3rd grader create narratives at home can help with expressing themselves creatively. I am amazed by the wonderful author's craft they possess.


We will be testing Minerals tomorrow so please have your 3rd grader review their notes. We have done a lot of hands on activities with the minerals, like looking for the hardness, luster, and color of the minerals.

Grandparents Lunch

Thank you to the grandparents that could make it to the lunch last week!

Fatz Cafe Pancake Breakfast

Saturday, Oct. 3rd, 8-10am

FATZ Café, Rock Hill, SC, United States

Rock Hill, SC

PLEASE come out for breakfast and help support Old Pointe! I'll be there, come out and see me!

$7 per adult

$4 per child (4-10)

Top Selling class from each Grade Level earns a Popsicle Party!


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