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Tool designer

What branch of science is a tool designer?

A tool designer is part of the physical branch. It is physical science because it uses resources like metal and objects made by man. A tool designer designes tool for any companie.


The degree I need for this job is a mechanical engeneerer. I would get this career from maritime California, I am looking forward to going to California because its almost always sunny there and I like to go swimming and fishing is the ocean. The classes that I'd take in high school would be science, engineering, math, German and language arts.


The college that I'd go to would be the California maritime academy. I want to go to this school because I have some friends that go to school in California and I might go to college with them. I also want to go to this school because I think that it's a really good college.


The GPA test score that I'd need to get into this school would be 2.0. I think that I could score that but I want to try to score at least a 3.0. To get into this school I would also have to take the SAT test or the ACT test.

About the job

Tool designers design cutting tools, tool holders, jigs, and fixtures used in the manufacture of metal products. They also design gauges, measuring devices, and dies. The products they design are used in forging and molding processes, as well as in producing tools by machine. Tool designers must know the machining properties of various materials, and machining/tool making processes to ensure that the tools they design will work on their company's machines.

What factors affect employment for this job

What your college classes to apply for this job. It also depends on what college you go to. You would have to take engeneerering class in college.


The entry payment is 46,720 and 22.46 dollars per hour. The median payment is 68,080 and 32.73 dollars per hour. The expert gets paid 98,010 and 47.12 dollars per hour.


The industry list is for the broader occupation Mechanical Engineers. The following companies or organizations in Wisconsin employ people in this occupation.


I would want be a tool designer because I have tons of ideas and I'm very creative. I would love to invent something that helps other people and make peoples lives easier. I all ready have tons of ideas and I'd like to try to make them happen.


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