Best Apps for Learning on the Go!

Learn anywhere and everywhere!


In module 9 we looked and found 5 different mobile apps that we thought would help mobile learning. Below includes the apps and examples of they can be used within the classroom! The following apps can be found on the Apple App Store!


Duolingo is a wonderful app that can be used to learn french among many other languages! This app is a wonderful mix between learning french but also having fun while doing so! This app is set up in a game-like form. This app is fun, easy and simple to use! Duolingo would be one of the best apps for beginners learning french!

I definitely think that this app could be used in a classroom to build vocabulary and learn sentence structure. Since it is so fun to use, students could play this game in the classroom or at home after their work or homework is done. The content provided in Duolingo is great supplementary material to acquiring or improving a language.


Emodo is an app that allows for teachers and students to have a safe and appropriate way of communicating with each other inside and outside of the classroom! It allows for students and teachers to communicate with each other and engage with each other.

I think this app would work in many situations. You could use it to ask questions and create a poll for students (ie. How many of you think that there are more than 1.1 million people in Edmonton? Then students would answer yes or no), or you could use Emodo to post assignments with attached files! It seems like a wonderful way to communicate with the students and engage with them. What I have listed is just a few of the many other choices that there are.


Quizlet is a wonderful app that helps and aids you with your studies whether it is at home, at the coffee shop, at school or whoever you are! You can not only make your own flashcards on this app but you also can study on the go and play certain games while you're studying.

An example where I'd use this app in the class would be if we were learning conjugations for words. On one side of the "flashcard" I would put something like Je or Tu or Il/Elle and so on and so forth. Then, on the back I would put the conjugation to the corresponding pronoun like Parle, parles, parle, etc.

Motion Math

Motion Math is an app that can be found in the apple app store. It can be used to help kids who struggle with math or give extra practice to those who need it. With this app/game, what's so great about it is that you are able to get the level of difficulty the student is at, their progress and much more. This app allows for kids to master and learn math while still having fun!

I think this app would be wonderful to use after teaching a lesson. They could use this app to practice the concepts that they have learned. Best of all you can also track the students progress! You are able to see what they understand and what they don't! It is almost like having them write a test that you don't have to correct!

ChemReference Periodic Table

ChemReference Periodic Table

This app allows for the accessibility to the periodic table and the ability to search through the table. Within this app you are able to look at different elements and all their information on them.

This app would work well for students who are beginning to learn about the periodic table but would also be good for those who are familiar with it but need reference to it.