Monday Memo


From the Principal.....

As we all begin to administer our OCCT tests this week, I have a few thoughts to share with you. We often talk about leaving nothing to chance in our efforts to improve student achievement. With just two days remaining until we begin our OCCT testing, I have reflected a great deal on the quality of teaching and learning that has taken place at our school this year. Our focused plans of improvement and ongoing efforts to assess and monitor the performance of our students and ourselves have resulted in a level of unquestionable readiness. It is with great confidence that I can exclaim, "We are ready"!

Beyond the test administration procedures discussed at this weeks faculty meeting, it is essential that during these next two weeks, our school and individual classrooms are positive and upbeat while maintaining a businesslike approach to the task at hand. It will serve us well to give attention to the smallest details throughout this time. You know your students very well. What works with one student may not work with others. Powerful phrases of encouragement and moments to relax and breathe will go along way. Thank you for avoiding topics that have negative impact such as "if you don't do well you won't be promoted"...or other stress inducing comments.

I want to thank you in advance for continuing to emphasize the time factor on each test day. There is more than enough time for every student to fully complete each of the OCCT tests. We don't need any speed testers! With the time that is allotted, students should be using strategies you've taught them to review and should be double-checking all answers. Above all remind them, that just having a strategy is important and can make a big difference for them. Emphasize that it is ok to be the last one done!

Finally, regardless of how we feel about standardized tests- what they measure and don't measure, or their deficiencies or consequences, as educators , we are obliged to do what is necessary to prepare our students for the tests they must endure. You have done a remarkable job in doing exactly that! With confidence, you can exclaim, "WE ARE READY!"

Shout out!

Please join me this week in thanking our Assistant Principal! This week is National Assistant Principal Week April 11-14th. I am incredibly best to have a talented and trusted AP. Ms. Wood takes care of so many things behind the scenes and takes really good care of our staff and students. Take a moment this week to say thanks and show some love!