Searching Google effectively.

How to search google effectively

Searching Google effectively

When you search google you can just type anything like (tree frogs) and it has every single thing about tree frogs but you can do advanced search or (tree frogs - from amazon) and it will subtract every thing doing with amazon and you can do that with all kinds of stuff to.

Digital citizenship

Digital Citizenship

We have learned how to not use inappropriate things on the internet because when you go to collage or get a job they will look for you on the internet and if you have bad stuff they will not allow you to join. Or to make it simple just do the grama rool "if you dont want your grama to see it on the internet then dont post it at all."

Some of the most important.

Its all about having fun.



We started using the ipads a little while ago....But we have learned a lot about how to use them. So i think ipads are good to use in class. We have worked on Bookwrighter and chirp and all kinds of stuff.

Stuff on IPads

Bookwrighter--> bookwrighter is a interesting app that lets you create your on book any way you want... some times i use it for assessments...over all the app is great........

garageband--> grageband is a fun app that lets you create songs or edit songs any way you want.

Imovie--> Imovie is a fun app that lets you create your own movies or movie trailers and we have used these in a lot of classes and i think all these apps rock.

Chirp and Bump--> Both these apps transfer pictures, notes, movies, ext. to a nether apple product////Chirp//// is a app that sends i frenquacy noise to the ether ipads to get something, ////Bump////is a app that you bump the two apple products together to transfer data.

Pic Collage--> is a app that you add information to 1 page with pictures or words that make a poster ish thing.

I-nigma-->is a app that you can take a picture for of a surtan thing that stands for a word or a phrase....we use this a lot.....

Student-->is a app that a teacher setts up for a slide show or ext. but the teacher can control it from him/her ipad.....


Important stuff you might need to know

Password- you always want a password with 21 letters and number so its almost impossible to hake. Never use your name

Viruses- update you viruses protection any time you can.