Eagles Express II

The Red Ribbon Week Edition

Week of October 17, 2016

Monday, October 17

  • WELCOME BACK, BRITTANY PRATT!!! We missed you!!!
  • Read to Achieve Test Training 8:30-12:30 @ Johnson Street (Millner and Kelley GONE AM)
  • SIT Meeting @ 3:15pm/Media Center

Tuesday, October 18

  • 1/2 Day Planning: Kindergarten & 3rd Grade
  • CASA: 1st & 5th Grade
  • Facilities and Technology Steering Committee 2:30-4:30 @ Central Office (Cassell GONE)
  • Crisis Training for ALL Staff @ 3:00/Media Center
  • Testing Accommodations Training @ 3:30/Media Center (Certified Staff MUST ATTEND)
  • Title I Contact Meeting @ 3:00/Central Office
  • PTO Meeting @ 5:30/Media Center

Wednesday, October 19

  • 1/2 Day Planning: 2nd & 4th Grades
  • Chorus 2:45-4:00/Music Room
  • Epipen Training @ 3:00/Media Center
  • Staff Mentors Mentor Training @ 3:00/Room 4 (Flynt's Room)
  • Fourth Grade Connect Team Meeting 3:15-4:30/Location TBA
  • ASW Support Session 4:00-5:00/BTWLC

Thursday, October 20
  • 1/2 Day Planning: 1st & 5th Grades
  • CASA: Kindergarten, 2nd, & 3rd Grades
  • SSMT @ 3:00pm/Media Center
  • Attendance Committee Meeting @ 3:00/PIF Room (Diggs' Room)
  • Professional Development (Flynt GONE ALL DAY)
  • K12 Principals' Meeting 8:00-2:00 (Cassell GONE ALL DAY)
  • National Board Support Session #1 4:15-6:15/Central Office

Friday, October 21
  • Lockdown Drill @ 9:00/Be sure to review Lockdown Procedures with your students!
  • CASA: 4th Grade

Red Ribbon Week


  • MONDAY - Kick Off Day (Everyone gets a red ribbon!)
  • TUESDAY - Team Up Against Drugs & Bullying (Wear team gear)
  • WEDNESDAY - Wacky Tacky Day (Dress up in crazy clothes)
  • THURSDAY - Too Bright to Bully or do Drugs (Wear sunglasses or dress like a teacher)
  • FRIDAY - Rock Out Against Bullying & Drugs (Dress like a rock star)


All staff are encouraged to wear the special items each day. HAVE FUN!!! We will try to take pictures each day. Student Council will be awarding a prize bag each day to one student. In order to have their name entered in the prize drawing your students must wear the item for the day OR wear their Red Ribbon.

Classroom teachers will get a special roster to record students for the contest each day. When you take attendance just complete the roster and send it in to me.

Student Council is also sponsoring a Coloring Contest. Winners will receive a $10 Walmart gift card. There will be one student selected for each grade level K - 5 to receive a gift card. I will provide special anti-bullying coloring sheets during guidance class; then the classroom teacher will select the best 2 from her class to enter in the contest. A special judging panel will select the grade level winners.


To reduce the scavenger hunts through the Friday Highlights or through your email for that professional development course you might be looking for, RCS is now offering a one-stop shop for Professional Development Offerings. This page will consolidate all current professional development offerings in one central location. If you need CEU credit or are looking for continued learning opportunities please check out the Professional Development Offerings page at www.rock.k12.nc.us/professionaldevelopment.