Bella's Pyjamia Party

Bella would like to request the pleasure of you joining her.

What is this event?

This event is going to be a Pyjamia party. You can either wear your Pyjamias, onesie or tracksuit pants. My family and I don't mind what one you wear, but we would like everyone invited to participate just a little bit.

Location and Directions.

Saturday, May 30th, 3:30pm

76 Bridie Dr

Upper Coomera, QLD

Bring your Pyjamias, onesie, track suits, your taste buds, Drinks and the fun side of yourself.

Order of events:

You can start arriving from 3:30pm at my massive 3 storie house.

-4:00pm afternoon tea will be served which will include some fresh fruits, cupcakes, lollies, chips and dips.

-4:30pm we will start the first part of our party with a meet and greet session.

-5:00pm we will start by getting changed into our super cozy onesies.

-after that all the kids can be involved in some awesomely awesome games.

-10:00pm it's officialy finished.