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Who Loves to Read? Where did you learn the LOVE of Reading?

One goal of ours as educators is to develop a love of reading and writing within our students. Whether you teach a self-contained classroom or are departmentalized by subject area, it is critical to read and write across content areas. I have seen excellent instruction in many of your classrooms when students are asked to write stories in journals or writer's notebooks, confer with each other about their writing, and meaningfully respond in writing during math and science to use as a formative assessment tool. Listening to students talk to each other about books is an amazing experience. Don't you love how they connect to the characters in fiction books or make connections to real-world events when reading non-fiction texts?! These types of best practices mold our learners into lifelong readers and critical thinkers.

Next year, we are going to move into more of a balanced literacy approach for our language arts instruction. This will also impact math and science subject areas because we want to ensure that students are reading and writing non-fiction as well. I am looking for resources that we can use as a campus. If you have ideas or resources that you have found, please send me the links, blogs, or titles of the books! Social media is also an excellent resource for gathering ideas and researching balanced literacy.

As we move into the last weeks of the school year, think about how you can integrate reading and writing into your daily practices. The following article has some simple ideas for teaching literacy in all content areas! Take a look and send me a picture, tweet, grab me in the hall, or write a quick email about how this is working in your classroom!

Who is interested in being a part of an ELA Focus Group for the 2016-2017 School Year? We will meet on Monday, May 23 at 3:30 in the library!

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Thank you, Nicole Meyer, for sharing this meaningful quote with me this week! I think we can all benefit from this reminder!

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Thanks for sharing this information to help the Bitner's! Looking forward to seeing you there!

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