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Director's Newsletter

September 15th, 2017

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear Parents,

This week began on 9/11, an important and tragic day for many Americans. During Morning House Ms. Van Liew and Mr. Harris invited each grade into the Small Theater to watch a short 9/11 tribute video honoring the many lives that were lost on that day. Students then turned on their cell phone flashlights representing that even in a dark place and difficult world, we can still play our part in bringing light, joy, and hope.

This week also saw our first Middle School PTA meeting of the school year. We would like to thank the PTA leadership for their efforts, and all the parents who showed up to support and learn about the middle school.

Collective Uniform Orders:

For those parents who purchased uniforms through the collective order, they will be delivered to your home beginning Monday, September 18th and continuing through the end of next week.

Our MS Girls Soccer team will have their third jamboree on Saturday morning (9/16) at Korea International School (KIS-Pangyo). The MS Boys Soccer team is super excited to have their first jamboree of the season at Seoul Foreign School (SFS) also on Saturday morning. Please show up and cheer them on if you can make it!

Have a great weekend!

Student Justice League

As we announced in a previous newsletter, CDS Middle School has launched a student Justice League this year as a part of our restorative justice program. Student leaders apply their conflict resolution skills to mediate problems between students.

Four motivated 8th graders volunteered for this service opportunity: Ethan Hong, Nicole Shin, Alex Kim, and Jae Park.

As a school, we are so proud of these students' willingness to support their community and we're sure they will grow as compassionate leaders and thinkers through the process.

We asked them why they chose to join the first ever CDS Middle School Justice League:

(8B) Ethan Hong

"Being on the committee would give me a chance to let everyone have a voice... I would work hard to get the two parties to understand each other and to leave on good terms afterward."

(8A) Nicole Shin

"Mainly I want to join the Justice League because I want to help my community and my fellow peers."

(8A) Jae Park

"I have always been interested in the judicial system of the government ever since I was little. My dad was also a judge and is a lawyer now. I think just like my dad I could be a great addition to the Justice League."

(8A) Alex Kim

"I will make sure to be fair and make fair decisions only."

Parent Information Sessions

Parents are invited to take a closer look at our curriculum and programs through curriculum presentations that focus on a particular element of the curriculum – such as Project Based Learning.

This is a great chance to become more informed about what your child is learning at CDS and how you can help at home.

Our first event will happen next Thursday, September 21st from 3:00-4:00pm. For a full list of offerings please click the button below.

Parent Information Sessions 2017-18

Click to see the complete list of dates and topics we're offering this year. This is a great chance to become more informed about what your child is learning at CDS and how you can help at home.

Session 1: Most Likely to Succeed

Thursday, Sep. 21st, 3pm

Cheongna Dalton Foreign School, Incheon, South Korea


How to prepare learners to succeed in the 21st century?

This session is all about how CDS Middle School is preparing our students for the future. Main topics for discussion will be our school mission, 6Cs, MAP testing, and Project Based Learning.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

CDS Math Competition is Here!

Wednesday 20 September we have our opening meeting for the first middle school only math competition. Come check out this fun opportunity to work with friends using your creativity and thinking. Plus, there are prizes to win! Students who feel any interest please come to the library during CC on Wednesday to hear about this year's competition where we will give further information on teams (due Friday 22 September) as well as special dates and rewards.

-Mr. Coward & Mrs. Hinds

5th Grade Middle School Transition

5th graders were recently asked how their transition to Middle School was going. Students shared one thing they had learned so far about how to be successful in middle school, and one thing that was still a big challenge for them.

Here are some of their comments:

Ways to Succeed in Middle School:

"Check Google Classrooms everyday..."

"Keep your locker organized..."

"Get a clock to check time..."

"Don't talk with your friends for too long when you're going to class..."

"Use your time wisely"

"I've learned to manage time well"

"To not be tardy, you need to jog or walk fast, don't get distracted and organize your locker"

"Don't forget to do the homework"

Things that are still a challenge for me:


"Not being tardy/late"

"I'm still having trouble with tardies"

"I'm struggling with going from Chinese class to English because I have to walk all the way from the high school to the middle school"

"Writing essays"

"Knowing what the homework is..."

"Getting my locker organized"

"Trying to remember what the homework is"

"I'm still having a hard time when there is a test"


"Talking too much..."

"Homework, spelling, and being tardy"

"To not be tardy to music and math"

5th Grade House teachers and subject teachers are working hard to address the challenges our 5th graders are having. We want them to feel more comfortable and confident in Middle School. Fortunately, they all seem to be enjoying the experience.

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TCIS MS Girls Soccer Jamboree 9/9/2017 - Game Report

The day started, “dark and early” with a departure time of 6:00am from CDS, as we headed to our second jamboree held at Taejon Christian International School. With the nearly three-hour drive, we all got some extra sleep on the bus. At the jamboree, the girls took ownership of their warm-up through self-led stretches and exercises.

Our first game was against TCIS. We played a highly dominating offensive game, yet didn’t take too many shots on goal. Nevertheless, we got a goal in by 8th Grader Nayon Lee and a lucky spin shot by 6th Grader Minji Lee. We were excited to have a 2-0 win! After a break, the girls suited up against YISS. This team was a bit more competitive, but we were certainly a strong match against them. The girls tried focusing on spreading the field and taking more shots. Unfortunately, YISS got a goal by using the backdoor, since our defense didn’t get back and cover the two games player. We were unable to get a goal back, so we lost to YISS 1-0.

After one more break, we had two games back-to-back and came with more power and energy. Lots of attacking, aggressive playing, and teamwork led to another 2-0 win against TCIS, with goals made by Nayon Lee. A big shout out to Danna Kim who unyieldingly fought and showed her hunger for wanting to win the ball and also Ashley Shimada who was a solid midfielder for the first time of the season. We concluded with one more game against YISS.

Despite not having any break, the girls played with lots of power and energy. We weren’t able to get a goal in, so our last game ended 0-0. We took a group picture with all three teams, enjoyed lunch at the field, and headed home on the bus. The bus ride was full of lots of have chatting and singing from the girls until everyone crashed and took naps for the rest of the ride.

-Coach Van Liew

Upcoming Events

9/16 MS Boys Soccer @ SFS

9/16 MS Girls Soccer @ KIS

9/20 MS Math Competition Introduction

9/25 - 9/29 Fall MAP Testing