The Northeast

by:Aiden N.Breeding


There are many farmers and wind mills for plants,factory's for wood,food and bags.Dairy bisness for yogurt,ice cream and milk and many other dairy products.the northeast is famous for cranberries. In Chesapeake bay people go out to catch fish,clams squid and many other sea animals.


The northeast mines limestone,marble,iron and coal they use limestone,iron and granite to make buildings and homes they also use marble and granite to make kitchen counters the northeast is famous for mining granite they mostly mine in Pennsylvania.


the Northeast grows cranberries,corn and soy the animals they raise are cows,pigs and horses in Pennsylvania when the farmers milk the cows they get over 1-billion bottles of milk each year the corn they get is four times the amount of milk that is 4-billion peaces of corn!


The climate is mostly cold sometimes in spring and summer it is very hot sometimes cold in spring there are nice breezes in some places like farms and in fall and Pennsylvanian it is very cold in the winter it can get down to 5 degrease!