background information

  • founders are lillian cahn
  • current ceo victor luis
  • competes in fashion
  • chief comptetiors aeropostale.

factors of production

  • goods/ services are purses and clothing
  • 18366 employed world wide
  • 11.4 billion net worth

stock information

  • symbol is coh trades on other small companies
  • low is 32.73 and high is 51.00
  • today its going down.
  • last stock slpit was in april 5 2005 prices dropped
  • 68 million
  • yes .34 for dividence
  • year ago
  • they think it would be good cause lot of people go to coach and theire brand is widely liked.

new releases

it affects on how sale prices go up and how many people go out and buy the products for them


i would buy buy this stock because it would go up in the summer time alot where as in a diffrent time it would go down but you wouldnt loose alot of money you would still have some left over. my profit lost is 2,000 and ill check again cause couple of stocks is loosing money. ive learned that it takes more then just investing money it takes time and effort to reasecch what you u want to invest in.