Space Blanket Insulation

By Isaiah, Nick, Adriel, and Walter.

NASA Spinoff Technology

A spin off is taking something that NASA has made for space use, and use it for something else. Most of the time, this is for commercial uses. Some examples of NASA spin offs are memory foam, satellite TV, and water filters.

NASA Space Blankets

NASA Space Blankets were invented in 1964. Space blankets are just normal blankets with Mylar on the outside to trap heat in. They were originally used in space suits to keep astronauts warm out in space. We however, are planning to use them to insulate your home. Space blanket insulation will be more cost efficient and keep you home warmer, for longer.
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Insulation Cost

Most insulation can cost $1,500 to $2,000 for an average 1500 square foot home according to (home advisor). That is a lot for insulation. But there is another option space blankets. Space blankets are made to keep you heat inside your body. For a pack of 10 and each blanket is 4.5 feet by 7 feet to cost $6.95 this is an amazing deal . The only issue is that space blankets might not keep in the heat . We will not know until we test out the space blankets
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Reflective Surfaces.

Another reason the space blanket can replace regular insulation is because of its reflective surface. Since the surface is reflective is reflects the heat back in the the direction. This is the reason it keeps what ever it is covering so warm. Because of these reflective surfaces it will keep the house even warmer than before.
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Advantages of Space Blanket Insulation

Space blankets provide many advantages rather than normal fiberglass insulation. Space blankets would be cheaper to use and would keep your house warmer than fiberglass.
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Disadvantages of Space Blanket insulation

While there are advantages to using space blankets, there are also many disadvantages. Fiberglass would be more readily available and easier to install. Fiberglass is easier to obtain and install. Fiberglass is also very dangerous and possibly fatal