mincraft questoins and answers

taming animals

how to tame and find a wolf?

answer: wolf are in the winter forest boime and swamp.You tame a wolf by giving it bones by right cliking it and keep giving it bones intill you see hearts. that tells you that its tamed liked this photo below. after you tame it you can make it sit in one place or it will follow you and kill animals and mobs you want to kill by just hiting the thing once.

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how do you get bones?

you get bones by killing sekeliton like this one shown below. Warning: this mob shoots arrows and can kill you so bring a wepon with you

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how do you tame and find a ocilot

ocilots are cats and can be found in the jungle biomes.you can tame the ocilot can be tamed by using raw fish and like the wolf they can sit but the do not fight the chase away only creepers sorry. waring: you cant run or walk to an ocliot it will runaway so stay still and let it come to you the tame it then right click it intill you see hearts then th ocelot is tamed. look at the picher below and its an ocelot.

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how do I find raw fish?

you find fish by making a fishing rod and right kilick the rod faceing water. it will throw the luer out and when the bober goes under right klick and you get a fish.

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how to tame and control a horse

awnser: you tame a horse is by right clicking on it, you will be most likely get buck off the horese so keep doing is intil you see hearts appere. you can control it with a satle and horse armor is opitional and they can both be found in dungons.

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