Technology Tidbits May 2015

Quick Ways to Integrate Technology into the Classroom

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Toon Readers

Toon Books are leveled beginner reader comics designed for students who are just learning to read. They are designed so they can be read independently. As students grow the complexity of Toon books grows along with the child, providing more complex text and increasing their vocabulary. They are perfect for all beginning readers. A number of their books are available free of charge online (and in 5 languages!).

"This entirely FREE resource allows children to read select TOON Books online...and in multiple languages! Children can listen to the entire text using "Read To Me" or activate the audio prompts on individual balloons when they need a little extra help. TOON Readers were developed in cooperation with Professor Garfield, a non-profit educational collaboration between Garfield the Cat and Ball State University." (Description taken from

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CarTOON Maker

CarTOON Maker is a fun way to encourage writing. This site features characters from Toon books. Students can create their own one panel cartoon and, once comfortable, progress to multi-panel comics. They can add and manipulate the drawings and add their own text. Another great way for students to improve their writing skills - even possibly to use as a creative presentation tool.
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Graphix Comic Builder

Do your students love Amulet, Bone, Smile? (These are constantly checked out so chances are good you have many fans.) This comic generator lets students take characters from these books and create their own comics and graphic novels. We are always looking for new ways for students to present what they learned - how about having their favorite characters report their findings? An excellent way to promote writing.