George Washington High School

Eagles Arise - March 2022

Reminder: Spring Break

There is no school April 4th - 8th. Stay safe and have a great break! We'll see students back at school on April 11th.

Attendance Matters

Success in school starts with regular attendance. We have found that GWHS students who attend class at least 90% of the time have an average pass rate of 84%! That is why it is so important for students to be in every class every day. Help us make sure that your students are at school, in class and ready to learn.
Magic Johnson Tells NYC Students Why School is Important

Student of the Month - Amanda Page

Amanda Page is an amazing student and has been from the first term she arrived at George Washington. Not only is she strong academically, but she also has a positive "can do" attitude and actively participates in class, which makes teaching fun. Teachers love seeing Amanda's wonderful smile; she is a great example to fellow George Washington students. Amanda is one of those students who reminds us why we decided to become teachers. She is insightful, curious and always eager to learn more. Amanda is always kind and respectful to everyone around her. We are constantly impressed with Amanda as a student and as a person.

Amanda is proud of her performance at GWHS. Last year she was failing all of her classes due to poor attendance. She used to doubt herself and wondered if she would ever graduate. Since starting at GWHS, her grades have improved and she feels like she has a future. She has excellent attendance, a school year GPA of 3.758 and she has earned an impressive 6.88 credits this year! She is grateful for her amazing friends and the support of her family.

Her dream job is to play guitar and sing happy songs, but she understands she must be practical. She’s not sure yet what the practical thing to do will be, but she is interested in criminal psychology and, possibly, teaching art.

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Survey Reminder

Parents, we want to hear how you have felt about this school year. If you haven't already, please help us by taking a few minutes to complete this survey by April 1st. Your opinions matter to us!

ARISE Reboot - New Prizes!

Eagles ARISE is an acronym we use to teach our behavior standards. It stands for Accountable, Respectful, Involved, Safe and Excelling. Students receive tickets from teachers or staff for demonstrating these behaviors by doing things like being on time, being respectful to other students and staff, participating in activities, etc. We have updated our rewards and students can now use the blue tickets like cash on cool stuff like GWHS gear, snacks, chargers, battery banks, earbuds, hair ties, lip balms and more or they can use them to enter a raffle for a big item giveaway at the end of the year.

Community Resources

The Ogden Weber Community Action Partnership (OWCAP) is a great organization that offers many services to our community like Head Start/Early Head Start, Landlord-Tenant Mediation, Free Tax Preparation, Housing Assistance and others. You can check them out at the link below.

80/80/1 Club

We have expanded our 90/90/1 Club to include more students. Now, students who attend class at least 80% of the time, are on time 80% of the time and earn at least one credit in a term are eligible to go with us for a fun activity. The next trip is to the trampoline park!

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