Le Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

By: Malene Garland, Justin Levine, Michaela Williams

Booth was a Confederate sympathizer so he grew angry at the defeat of his dear Confederacy.

Booth supported slavery and felt that if Lincoln granted African Americans voting rights, the nation would be thrown into chaos and the South would be destroyed in the process. Booth also thought that Lincoln was plotting to overthrow the Constitution in order to write a new one.

Booth felt that with Lincoln dead, the Confederacy would rise again and win the war.

Booth believe the war wasn't over since Joseph E. Johnston's army was still fighting the Union army. In the book 'Chasing Lincoln's Killer by James L. Swanson', he wrote "That would, they hoped, incite the Confederacy to continue was agains the Union." This shows Booth's motives in the Assassination of Lincoln.

Some say that Booth working with the Roman Catholics for money.

However, Booth had no connections with the religious group and wasn't directed by the Vatican group. He had planned to kill Lincoln after hearing his last speech he had made knowing it was time to kill him.

Others may think Lincoln's assassination was the conspiracy of a powerful international group of bankers.

Even with this though, it would not be as logical due to no noted involvement of Booth and an alliance of bankers. Also, it was of Booth's personal accord that he wanted to do away with Lincoln, many of those reasons personal ones.