Cómo atrapar una estella

Autor: Oliver Jeffers

Por: Anna Ellis A3


  1. Largos- Large

  2. papá- papa

  3. noche- night

  4. mucho- much

  5. más- many

  6. bote- boat

  7. espacial- space

  8. gasolina- gas

  9. temprono- time

  10. vista- vist

Las Palabras Nueve

  1. bote- boat

  2. espacial- space

  3. viajado-traveled

  4. alcanzarla- to reach it

  5. podría- it could

  6. tenía- it had

  7. salvavidas- life guard

  8. demasiado- too much

  9. seguía- it followed

  10. levantó- stood up

English Summary

This book was about a little boy named Jorge. He was very interested in stars. He dreamed of finding a star one day. One day he was at the beach and he saw something in the water that looked like a star. He went over and picked it up. It was a starfish. His dream came true and he finally found his star.

Spanish Paragraph

El libro se llama Cómo atrapar una estella. El autor se llama Oliver Jeffers. La idea principal es mirada para estella. El personaje principal se llama Jorge. El personaje principal hace él es mirada para estella. El personaje principal es simpática y curioso. A el personaje principal le gusta mirada para estella. A mi me gusta el libro porque interesante.