North Carolina

By: Thomas lapinsky

What region is it in?

North Carolina is located in the southern region.

In what year was it founded?

Although it was originally settled in 1578, it was regarded as "The Lost Colony" because they all mysteriously disappeared. The first permanent English settlement was founded in 1655.

Who founded the colony?

The colony was founded by Nathaniel Batts and John Yeamans.

Why was the colony founded?

The colony was mainly founded for religious freedom, trade, and agriculture.

What were the economic resources?

A few of the economic resources were fish, timber, tobacco and other plantation crops, and livestock.

What was the climate like?

The warm climate made it possible to grow crops throughout the year and was ideally suited for plantations. Winters were not difficult to survive, but the hot and humid summers gave rise to the spread of disease.

What was the geography like?

The geography consisted of mainly coastal plains, plateau and mountain ranges.