Going Google

Volume 2 Issue 2

Tab Scissors/Tab Glue

Tab Scissors and Tab Glue are two extensions that do exactly what you might think! They cut your screen in two and then glue them back together for you. If you do the bulk of your work on a laptop or if you're not lucky enough to rock dual monitors at work or at home, these extensions are for you. Watch and learn here:

Incredible Start Page

Do you want to have an Incredible Start Page? A customized home page that lists your recently closed tabs, important notes, and all of your apps and extensions. Try adding the Incredible Start Page extension.

Go to the Chrome Web Store. Do a search for “Incredible Start Page” in the search bar and press [Enter].
In the list that populates on the far right, click on the blue [Free] button.
A confirmation box will pop up so choose to [Add] the extension.
Once it’s added, you can close out of the new tab it opened.
Just open up a new tab and you will see the extension appear!

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail is an extension that allows you to schedule email messages to be sent at a later time, track emails, and even have emails come back to you when it's most convenient. This is a great tool for scheduling reminder emails to your department, making sure you follow up with a parent, and all sorts of other things. Let your inbox do the work for you! Learn how here:

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