Help Us Paint Our School!

Lets put some color in our school to make our days better


By painting the hallways and classrooms in our school it will give the students something new to look at and make them smile and be in better moods than most are in during school hours. The goals of this would be to help give a change of scenery to the students. Colors have been linked to different emotions and with new colors within our school would be able to bring out a more positive outlook from everyone.

How we will get the job done

All the painting would be done by students during a possible skinny class or having the students, parents and/or teachers volunteering after school and on the weekends.

Since we are joining the elementary with the Jr high and high school next fall, having the rooms and hallways being colorful will help with students knowing where they are supposed to be or if they are in the wrong area of the school

How we plan to pay for the paint and other necessities:

The students could do fundraisers to raise money for some of the supplies that the class will need. Along with going around town and talking to business owners about donating the supplies.