Are you ready for next school year?

Course Selection

If you are following the traditional school schedule, then you are probably on summer vacation right now. This is your time to take a break and recharge your batteries but this is also the perfect time to make sure you are ready for next school year!

How do I know if I am taking the correct classes?

The #1 way to make sure you are enrolling in the appropriate courses is to work with one of our Admissions counselors. They will be able to review your transcript and tell you which credits you still need to graduate. They can also give you recommendations on which specific classes you should take. This is especially helpful if you are a college bound student as our Admissions representatives know which courses colleges are looking for!
We also mail you a transcript each time you complete a set of courses. On each one of these transcripts is a credit summary. This tells you three things:
  1. The total number of credits needed in that subject area
  2. The number of credits you have already earned in that subject area
  3. The number of credits you still need in that subject area
Big image
If this is the credit summary you receive, you now know that you still need to take 4 electives, 1 Fine Art, 3 English courses, 2 Science courses and 3 Social Studies courses in order to get a Keystone diploma.

Your transcript also lists the courses that you have already earned at other schools and with Keystone:
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This helps you with the course selection process because now you can see the courses you have already completed.

What courses does Keystone offer?

You can find a complete list of courses on our website:

Remember, you cannot be enrolled in more than six full credit courses at one time. You also want to make sure that you are enrolling in an appropriate number of courses. Remember, the Suggested Hours chart and make sure you are taking on a course load that you can handle.

For more information on the Suggested Hours chart, check out last week's Monday Morning Message: