From Arrest To Appeals

The Steps Through A Criminal Justice System

Steps 1-3

Step 1: A crime was committed.

Step 2: You either get away with the crime (No more steps), or you're taken in for questioning.

Step 3: Found guilty and arrested or found not guilty because of not enough evidence or an ailibi. (No more steps if found not guilty)

Steps 4-6

Step 4: After being found guilty, you either post bail, don't post bail, or plea guilty and you will be sentenced and there is no trial and you go to jail. (No more steps after plea)

Step 5: Go to trial. Even if you post bail, you still have to go to trial to see if you're really guilty or not guilty.

Step 6: If you're found not guilty, then you will go free. (No more steps if not guilty) But, if you're found guilty then you're sentenced and sent to jail.

Step 7 (Bonus Step)

Case is taken to the Court of Appeals and you're either given a retrial or you remain in prison with your current jail sentence.
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