Albert Fish

American Serial Killer

Basic Information

  • Birth: May 19, 1870 in Washington D.C
  • Death: January 16, 1936
  • Date Arrested: December 14, 1934
  • Date Convicted: May 21, 1935
  • Nicknames: The Grey Man, The Werewolf of Westchester.


  • Seven relatives had mental disorders in the generations before Fish birth.
  • Father died when he was 5 years old and mother put him in an orphanage as a result of the fathers death.
  • He was a troubled child that would “run away every saturday” wet his bed until he was 11 years old.
  • Observed and experienced numerous acts of perversions including forced masturbation and brutal beatings.
  • Albert would become sexually aroused by these acts leading to his obsession of sado-masochism.
  • His real name was Hamilton but he changed it to Albert because kids would call him “Ham and Eggs.”
  • He would enjoy the pain
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Middle Adulthood

  • At age 20 he began raping young boys and had homosexual relationships before.
  • Eventually married and had 6 children.
  • HIs wife left him for another man and since he was with the kids he would ask THEM to be part a of his sadomasochist games.
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  • Method: Killed, raped, and ate about 5-15 children.
  • Targets: ONLY targeted children. He would first kidnap them and would take them to various places to do his doings.
  • Weapons: butcher knife, saw, and meat cleaver

Biggest Murder - Grace Budd

  • Age: 10
  • Gained the trust of Grace's parents told them he was taking Grace to a birthday party.
  • They never saw Grace again.
  • Killed her on June 3 1928
  • He then later sends Mrs. Budd a letter describing in detail HOW and WHAT happened to her daughter
  • He chocked her to death and then ate her piece by piece..
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Cannibal 'Albert Fish' Documentary


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