What to do during an Earthquake

What you need to do

In a earthquake firstly the teacher will have a few jobs do. Her or His first job is to make sure you are all right and safe. You can help your teacher by staying calm. In a earthquake as you know the ground will shake, so to keep safe we need to drop cover hold so drop to the ground, get under something sturdy, like a table and then hold on to something that is most lightly not going to move, like the leg of a desk or table.

After the Earthquake

You stay in your turtle position until the shaking stops. Then the fire bell will ring, that means you can go and line up outside your class but walk. Then your teacher will lead you to the field, when you are walking to the field remember to stay quiet. When you are there there you will have to sit down in your line, and your teacher will count you to make sure everyone is there.
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Thank you

Thank you so much for reading this. We hope you now know what to do in a earthquake.