Daniel's Story

By: Carol Matas, Flyer by Gracie Kinder

"Now the Jews are no longer citizens they have no rights, and soon they will no longer pollute our schools."

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Daniel's Story takes place in Poland in the ghetto in Lodz 1930's-1940's.
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"Separate and somehow less important".

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"I used to watch monkeys at the zoo do this and think it was funny. Maybe god is watching us and thinks it's funny to".

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Jewish Music - Hava Nagila

New vocab words

Kristallnacht- Night of broken glass, a Nazi program

Zionists- A Jewish movement resulted development in Israel.


The theme of Daniels story is to always try your hardest even when things are bad and don't lose hope.

"No on wanted us". Daniel

An internal conflict for Daniel would be that he is at the camp and they are by the fire and Daniel wants to jump in and end his life. Daniel vs. himself.
Franklin D. Roosevelt Speech (WW2 in HD Ending)

Significant Event

A significant event is when Daniel's family gets taken to the camps because their whole life changes around.
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External Conflict

Daniel's external conflict is trying to stay alive.

"Our I.D cards were stamped with a big J for Jew. If you didn't carry it around at all times you could be arrested, yet if you did carry it around all the time, you were marked as a Jew."