My Favorite Number

Mrs Meier

Favorite Number

I have two favorite numbers. My favorite numbers are 51 and 54. These numbers are my favorite because they are my son's football jersey numbers. For this project, I will focus on 54 because it is a composite number whereas 51 in prime.

Prime or Composite

My favorite number is composite. It is composite because 54 has more than 1 and itself as factors.

Perfect, Deficient or Abundant

Number 54 is deficient. It is deficient because when its factors are added together they equal 45 and 45 is less than 54.

Interesting facts about my number

1. A score of 54 is considered a perfect round in golf.

2. Fifty-Four is the number of countries in Africa.

3. Fifty-four is Brian Urlacher's jersey number while he played for the Chicago Bears.