The Arts Of Ancient Greece

By: Faith S.

How did Pericles strengthen democracy?

Pericles strengthened democracy by reinforcing its advantages and also by raising good awareness. He did this around 462 B.c. Pericles was a brilliant politician in the state of Athens.

The Greek Gods

About the gods

These are all of the gods and goddesses

  • Zeus~Ruler of all gods and humanity
  • Hera~Goddess of marriage and child birth
  • Apollo~God of music and poetry
  • Artemis~Goddess of hunting
  • Athena~Goddess of wisdom and war
  • Ares~God of war
  • Aphrodite~Goddess of love
  • Hermes~Messenger of the gods
  • Poseidon~God of earthquake's and the ocean
  • Demeter~Goddess of fertility
One way that the gods and goddesses were honored was by temples. Whenever the Greeks lived they built temples for the gods and goddesses. Also by people sacrificing animals and putting on festival for gods and goddesses.

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