Adopt Me!

☺ Schmooey ☺

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Schmooey is very friendly and takes to new people immediately. He is very calm, but, loves to play. He gets along well with other cats. He is an awesome companion – wanting to be near you. Not exactly a lap cat – but, he loves affection & enjoys when you pet him. He purrs loudly and has a really cute meow.

He has a good appetite, uses the litter box and is very neat.

Very easy going – you can easily trim his claws and he even tolerates having a bath.He would be great with kids and other cats.

If you are interested in meeting Schmooey, stop by the Petco in Owings Mills (10383 Reisterstown Road) anytime during their normal business hours.

Schmooey available for adoption through the Feline Rescue Association. If you would like like to fill out an application to adopt him, please go to