About Me.

Cassidy Ellis

Information about me.

Im Cassidy I just moved from Florida and I don't really have a various range of hobbies. The only actual hobbies I have is that I enjoy drawing, swimming, and helping my brother Christian and teaching him everyday basic activities. When I grow up I plan to pursue and be either a cosmetologist or a psychologist. As far as any after school activities/sports/clubs go, I definitely will not be participating in anything.


Over Christmas break I spent a few days with my family and the rest of the time I would be out with friends. My favorite Christmas gift in all honesty here was money. Visiting with my family was fun but I can only handle all of them in small doses at one time. My brother Christian had a good Christmas though. Santa came out on a fire truck and surprised him which meant a lot to me. Overall that's all my holidays consisted of and i cant wait to hear how everyone else's went. :)