Sara's Soul Sisters Team Newsletter

January 2016

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Welcome to all of our new Soul Sisters! This is our monthly newsletter, which celebrates all of our team accomplishments for the past month.

Be sure to check out (TOT) for all of the latest announcements and upcoming events. You will also receive an email each Monday from Home Office called the 411 with important information as well.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about your Thirty-One business. I am here to support you on your journey!

*****Time to CELEBRATE!***** December 2015

Sara's Soul Sisters Team Stats

Fab 5 - Sales!

Congratulations to the gals with the top amount of Personal Volume!

Sue Bennett - $955.99

Jennifer Allie - $928.00

Sarah McGloughlin - $693.72

Amanda McDorman - $553.00

Sandra Nemis - $320.99

Fab 5 - Parties!

Congratulations to the gals with the top number of parties (2+ parties!)

Sue Bennett - 2

Startswell Earners!

These ladies met their Start Swell goals and earned a kit of their choice for FREE!

Jennifer Allie - Level 1!

Sue Bennett - Level 3!

$500+ Parties

These ladies have submitted a $500 party or higher! Be sure to ask them how they did it!

$928 - Jennifer Allie

$553 - Amanda McDorman


These ladies have submitted at least 1 party this month! Rock it ladies!

Amanda McDorman

Jennifer Allie

Katie Montague

Sue Bennett

Sandra Nemis

Facebook Community Group Earners

Congratulations! You will be invited to participate in a special home office run Facebook group starting in February! You earned your spot by having at least $3,000 in PV from October-December. In addition to having a community of 31 sisters that are in the same place in their business that you are and the plethora of knowledge and ideas they share, you never know what kind of perks being in one of these groups will bring: in the past we have had early Outlet Sale shopping, Product Testing, etc.

The next earning period is January-March - you can earn your way into the next group!


Sue Bennett

Sarah McGloughlin


Sara Harrod

New Personal Best!

These ladies have beat their own Personal Best for sales, number of parties, or building their team!

Jennifer Domecq

Your Director - Sara Harrod

I am here to help support you on your journey, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got any questions or if I can help out in any way! You can reach me via call/text, email, or FB!

Sara's Stats

Personal Volume - $3,182.55

Number of Parties - 3

New Team Members - 0