Steve King and What He Does

A Life

By: Andrew Crane

Steve King is a father of 3 grown sons, grandfather of 5 and a husband. He is a great man and if you want to know more about him, keep reading! If not, X out of Smore right now.

Steve King grew up in Storm Lake, Iowa. He went to school at Denis Communty High School, where he met Marilyn Kelly. King then went to Northwest Missouri State University where he studied math and science. He married Marilyn in 1972. They had kids named Joe Hill, Owen King, and Naomi King.

King started King construction and now his oldest son runs the company now. Steve brings valuable information to Congress as a small buisnessman for 28 years. He has served in the Iowa State Senate for sixteen years, and works as a Chairman of the State Government. He used to represent the fourth district of Iowa, but now he represents the fifth district.

Steve King tries to ileminate the inheritance taxes, enforce workspace drug testing, enforce parenting rights, include parental notifaction of abortion, pass tax cuts for working lowans, and pass the law that made English the offical language of Iowa.

I think Steve King is a great representative of the fifth district of Iowa. He tries to pass laws and cut taxes. What do you think?

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