Nuestra Señora de la Soledad

By Bryan Romero

Mission History

On October9,1791 the mission was built. It was 13 mission. The Ohlone indian. In 1796 they were finding land. Juan and Gaspar were the founder of the mission. In 1796 they were finding land. In 1791 fray wrote a letter to Carlos. On October 9,1791 they arrived to the mission.In 1790 frayrubi was first sent on san Antonio.

Daily life at the mission

4 indian live there. Frais was in charge. Indian did chores. Men did wood crafting and hunted. There were no crops. There was a little school. There was a small church. They had free time to sing songs.


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Mission Today

The mission was open.There was no field trip. Yes they were a small church. There were no museum.

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