November 11th - 15th

Gratitude & Reflection

November 11th: All Grade Levels

Who would you have picked to to write about and call?


Special Note:

Kinder & 1st: Please Bear With Me Here (Show the Video Today, but You'll Really Have to Explain it To Your Students:

November 12th: All Grade Levels

Show the second video clip below: (continuation from yesterday)

Ask students why they think that truly showing gratitude makes us happier?

November 13th: All Grade Levels

Glad You're Here Greeting: Have students greet each other by saying why they are glad the other person is here.

Some examples:

Mrs. Travis, I'm glad you're here because you are always kind.

Mrs. Acosta, I'm glad you're here because you always check in with us to see how we're doing.

Mrs. Jacobs, I'm glad you're here because you always smile at me when I come in.

November 14th: All Grade Levels

Have students say a quick good morning greeting today (in your circle) and then let them sit in their seat. Share with your students who you would have called from Tuesday's class meeting.

Have them write a really quick thank you note to the person they would have called on Tuesday using a sticky note.

Challenge them to stick that sticky note to a place where the person will see it by the end of the day/week. (Or if they are not close to call them, etc.)

November 15th: All Grade Levels

Read students the quote by Oprah Winfrey to the right.

Discussion Questions:

What are some things that we "forget" to be thankful for?

Why is always wanting "more" keeping us from being happy?

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary School