News from 4th Grade

Week of 4/3 - 4/7

News at a Glance...

  • There will be no school on Friday, April 14th.
  • There WILL BE SCHOOL (Snow Day make-up) on Thursday, April 13th and Monday, April 10th.
  • Math PSSAs will begin on Monday, April 24th and continue through Wednesday.
  • Science PSSAs will begin on Monday, May 1st and continue through May 2nd.
  • Our school art show will be on Monday, April 24th at 7pm!

Lingle Avenue Art Show

Monday, April 24th, 7pm

600 South Lingle Avenue

Palmyra, PA

Come to our school's art show and see the wonderful work created by our students throughout the school!

What we're learning this week....DESPITE our crazy testing schedule!

Reading: Journey's

We will begin our Journey's curriculum on Tuesday (Day 1). Although the PSSA is over, we would like to continue learning and keeping our routine! In small group rotations we will put more focus on fiction chapter books and choice during rotations to help lighten the load.

Journey's, Lesson 23: This week we ask the question, "How do forests and trees show change?" In our informational text, The Ever-Living Tree, we'll compare the growth of a tree to events taking place throughout the world. We'll also read, Towering Trees, a poetry selection about redwoods.

This weeks:

  • Vocabulary: resources, dense, evaporate, shallow, moisture, civilized, continent, opportunities, customs, independent
  • Vocabulary strategy: Prefixes pre-, inter-, ex-
  • Comprehension skill: Text and graphic features - understand how illustrations and other features add to the text.
  • Comprehension strategy: Monitor/clarify - use reading techniques to understand confusing passages of text

Homework: The weekly homework sheet will go home this week. Students are expected to read at least 20 minutes per night. There will be no required reading on Thursday night, due to no school on Friday.


With the testing schedule and end of the year approaching, I am trying to keep as much structure as possible. Therefore spelling lists will now go home on Mondays with a quiz on Fridays. Since this week is a short week, I sent the spelling lists home today, with a new bingo sheet, with a quiz and bingo sheet due on Thursday.


PSSA Prep: This week we will begin reviewing and taking practice sections for the PSSAs. Most of this will be done online through Google classroom. After a student has submitted their online practice sections you can go back

Data and Patterns: This week we will continue learning about creating, adapting and reading different forms of data collection (e.g. bar graphs, pictographs, line plots, tally charts) and will have a brief quiz on Tuesday. We will spend Wednesday and Thursday learning and practicing patterns (using numbers, shapes, etc).

Fluency: Although we no longer have weekly fluency quizzes, students are still taking weekly timed "math minutes." They are expected to make progress with each week so continue to practice your facts at home and use Reflex!

Homework: Homework will go home on Monday and it will be another column sheet to review skills learned from this year. Students are welcome to complete the homework pages early, however I do check them every day. There will be no homework Thursday evening, due to no school on Friday.

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PSSAs: What can I do to help?

Providing Snacks

The testing periods are very long and sometimes overwhelming for our students. Other teachers have told me that students greatly enjoy having snacks before their testing. This helps to make sure they are full and ready to concentrate before taking their test.

Thank you to those who have sent a snack in already!!

We would greatly appreciate if you could donate an item for our snacks. All snacks are health(ish), and are able to be eaten despite braces, and retainers. Please use the sign-up link below if you are able to help! Thank you!

Motivational Letters

Last week, I sent home 3 brightly colored papers (one for math, one for reading and one for science). If you would like, we would love if you could write a motivational/love note to your child I will give it to them in the morning of their first day of testing in that subject area. Please just put the papers back in the folder and return it with your child to school.