Volume >_<

Learn All The Base Formulas Using The One Volume Formula

Volume: The Basics

Volume is the filling of a three dimensinal figure using cubic units. There is only one formula for the volume of any prism or cylinder  V=Bh.V (volume)= B(area of the base) h(height)

Diffrent Formulas

There is only one formula for volume but many diffrent ones for the area of the base. The formula is based on the shape of the object. (area of the base is a necessary element to figuring out Volume.Area Of The Base Formulas:Cylinder: Pi x r squaredTriangle: b x h/2Cube/Rectangular Prism: l x w

Figuring Out Volume Is easy Using These Formulas For Guidance!! :)

Freaquently Asked Questions:

Q: What are some tips to finding volume and not getting confused in your work?

A: Write down the formulas every time you use volume. It will help you know what you still need to do without confusion.