EJ 2nd period


A drama is a story enacted onstage for a live audience. The word drama comes from the greek verb dran, which means to do. In a drama there is usually conflict which is a struggle or clash between opposing foces or characters.

Types of Dramas

There are many types of dramas in the world of acting. There are comedies which is a play that ends happily. There is a tragedy where the play ends unhappily. And there is musicalWhere the story is told not only through dialogue and acting but through music and dance. These are just a few types of dramas but there are many more for you to explore!


The characters’ speech may be expressed in many ways.

Dialogue: conversations of characters onstage

Monologue: long speech given by one character to other

Soliloquy: speech by a character alone onstage to himself or herself or to the audience

Asides: remarks made to the audience or to one character; the other characters onstage do not hear an aside