North andWest africa

egypts religious culture

The major religions of egypt are muhammad and islam. muslims culture is the strongest elements that unify egypt society.

Muslims Believes

The culture of muslims believe that the Quran is a book that contains the word of God. Muslims believe in many of the teachings presented in the jewish torah and the christian Bible.

An Islamic Renewal

Praying and fasting are two ways that egyptians muslims have brought their religion into their daily lives. They have a desagreement in the public behavior of women. Some people believe that they should have cover thie faces but other people dont agree with this.

Diversity of Life in Egypt

Most of the life in egypt is divided in urban and rural areas.

  • urban areas: in this areas you find better areas for living and you also find education.
  • rural areas: in this area most of the people live in villages alon the river nilo or the suez canal.

Algerias Ethinc Groups

The sahara cover all of algeria south of the atlas mountains and water is in short resourt in this area.The berbs and arabs are algerias two main etnic groups.Most arabs where nomads.Half of algerias people live in cities where mosques are comon.
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Berbs and Arabs

Both groups are muslims and most berbs speak berber and arabic.This two cultures have had many many conflicts in the past.

Nigerias History

When niger became independent in 1960 ethnic groups that had always lived separately became part of a nation.
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Three Different Cultures

For hundrets of years the hausa-fulani have made an important part of thir living by trading goods.The hausa-fulani built cities at the crossroad of trade routs.

Moving Toward Independence

In 1947 nkruman returned to the gold caost.While the gold coast had maany resourses most of its people were poor.

Traditional Goverment in Ghana

The akan are the largest etnic group in ghana.The akan are democratic since the people have controled over who ruled them.


Nkrumah became leader of the new country and later he became the president. He worked to balance new technology with traditions .