Birdneck Counseling Updates

December 2015

'Tis The Season!

This time of year is filled with holiday joy in the counseling department! Last week, over 40 of our Birdneck families received Thanksgiving baskets full of food for the entire weekend, not just one meal! These same families will be receiving gifts from First Presbyterian and St. Michael Churches through their Angel Tree programs.

This Sunday, December 6th, is our annual Kidz Kruz event! 100 of our students will board charter buses here at Birdneck and make their way out to Walmart in Chesapeake. Once they arrive, they will receive a $20 gift card for a shopping spree! They will also get to meet Santa, receive some goodies, and have a small pizza party before boarding the buses to leave. On the way home, they will detour through the Holiday Lights at the Beach before returning to Birdneck. This is a such an exciting event to be a part of! We are accepting volunteers to help our students shop at Walmart from 2:30-5:15. Please let me know if you'd like to join us!

Please use our "Caught Being Kind" bulletin boards in the cafeteria when you see a student doing something kind! I have baggies of sea creatures outside my door that you can use to write their name and deed.

Remember to visit my blog to stay updated on information I share with parents, including community resources and happenings that come across my desk!

Our December trait of the month is Kindness!

What to look for when choosing your citizen this month:

  • They treat others in a caring, generous way
  • They help others who are in need
  • They are sensitive to people's feelings
  • They think about how their words or actions will affect others
  • They are never intentionally mean or hurtful

Coming Up:

January - Fairness

February - Honesty

March - Cooperation

April - Self-Control

May - Trustworthiness

United Way: In early November, the SCA raised $166 for the United Way, more than tripling our total from last year!

Fundraiser alert! SCA will be doing holiday grams this year! Students and parents will have the opportunity to purchase a Smencil for someone else for $1. Money and gift tags must be turned in by Thursday, December 10th. The holiday grams will be delivered to the recipients on Wednesday, December 16th.


December 8: General Assembly Meeting, 1:40 in E-2

December 9: Holiday Caroling with SCA & Chorus

December 10: Holiday Grams Due

December 16: Pajama Day

December 16: Holiday Grams Delivered

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Save The Date!

December 3: Citizen of the Month

December 6: Kidz Kruz

January 7: Citizen of the Month

January 25-29: Great Kindness Challenge

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