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Shout Outs

I want to shout out to Laura. She is always looking ahead to help keep us on track. Thanks – Julie

Shout out to Sharon – She is a ray of sunshine every day!!!-- Laura

Meredith – always smiling and helping my special friend.—Laura

Gailanne and all those that helped with Book Fair (Fisher, etc.)—Tami

Office staff for the teacher treats this week—Tami

My team for helping out while I was gone last week – Katie Edwards for writing the plans – Tami

Shout out to Alison! Thank you for EVERYTHING, especially for putting up with my OCD issues!—Renee

I would like a shout out to my fabulous 4th grade team for always loving our students and being a wonderful, caring group of friends to work with!—Heidi

Mark and Patty for helping make our Holiday Family Fine Arts Night such a success. The turnout was terrific, and book fair did really well due to all of their support that night!-- Gailanne

Meredyth Lund and Gail Vopelak for serving muffins and pouring OJ for Muffins with Mom. I am always so amazed by the way teachers just see a need (or a stressed out librarian!) and jump in to help.—Gailanne

Thank you to Mrs. Wisdom for putting together all of the 12 Days of Christmas Treats!!

Shout out to my Secret Santa! I loved unwrapping ALL of my presents in my office!!--Penny

Shout out to my Secret Santa, Elsa! My kids especially loved our winter wonderland! J -- Mrs. Bingham

A big thank you to Wendy for all the work she does for the treats these 2 weeks-- Donna

Thank you to Mrs. Hovland for organizing our Christmas Party!--- Mrs. Huddleston

Much gratitude to Mrs. Mauk for planning our amazing 5th grade field trip in February!-- Mrs. Huddleston

A big WHOOT-WHOOT to Mr. Fisher for filling our stockings and making me laugh while reading e-mails!-- Mrs. Huddleston

My Secret Santa ROCKS!!!!!! – Sharon Schmitz

That stocking stuffers are awesome!! Thanks for the pick me ups!! – Sharon Schmitz

Thank you!!

A Special Thanks to Lakeview Teachers from a Parent Volunteer

“A special note from one of November’s Volunteer of the Month (volunteer to be announced December 15th)! PTA is actually in charge of this but the note was too sweet not to share!

To: The Teachers and Faculty of Lakeview Elementary,

Wow! This is a surprise! Thank you very much! This is so nice, and I am honored that you all would think of me for Volunteer of the Month. I will absolutely accept!

Honestly, I just love helping you all at the school, because everyone there works so hard to make Lakeview a great place for our children to come and learn, make lasting friendships, and have fun!

I know your job as educators is not an easy one. I will speak for myself, as well as all of the other volunteers and parents of Lakeview, and say that we are so grateful, and feel so very blessed to have you be such an intricate part of our kid’s lives. I, along with many others, whole heartedly know that our children are well taken care of and loved when they are in your presence.

So, from the bottom of my heart, in the center, and all around, THANK YOU for all that you do each and every day.”

Kid Wisdom

We were talking about our 5 senses for the writing framework. I asked what are things that we touch in December. The student answered “We touch ourselves.”

Professional Learning