Biggest Daiso outlet building in Japan!

Giga Funabashi

If you just so happen to be looking for a 7-story 100-yen shop look no further as 'Giga Funabashi' is the biggest Daiso chain outlet Japan measuring in at 6,600m²!

Whether you're looking for a gift for your family or friend or even a little something you want, Daiso has the widest variety of quality products for you to choose from than any other 2 dollar shops in Australia!

Some of our AMAZINGLY CHEAP products!

Very convenient!

Daiso's Giga Funabashi outlet is less than a minutes walk from Keiseifunabashi Station on the Keisei Main Line. It is located just South of Keiseifunabashi Station.
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Please, come pay a visit to our store!

All the way from 1F to floor 6 of the building, you're sure to find something you'll like!